Greetings by the Center of
Human-centered Interaction
for Coexistence

Human-centered coexistent Solution for the Convergence of the Reality and the Virtual RealityIn this era, revolutionary new technologies and rapid improvements in information
communication technology are changing our lifestyles. Smartphones have become the standard.
People share information in real time through social media. People with innovative minds are
leading theworld with new business models. Especially in information communication
technology andsoftwaretechnology, combinations of various technologies are jointly creating
further, revolutionary new technologies.

Futurists foresee the convergence of reality and virtual reality in 2020 from the NBIC fusion. Considering the mega-trend of moving
from the knowledge/information age to the Intelligence/Tangibility age, I foresee users eventually perceiving virtual reality as their reality
and perceiving a remote avatar or bionic devices as a part of their body.

The Center of Human-centered Interaction of Coexistence was founded in 2010 in pursuit of break-through technologies for the
preparation of the future, where virtual reality and reality merge together. Our goal is to develop the ”Human-centered Coexistent Solution”
, which will allow users to perceive a virtual or remote reality as reality, similarly to such films as ‘Avatar’ and ‘The Matrix’. Our ultimate
goal is the creation of aHuman-centered Interaction Virtual Sensory Exchange Realm, ‘Coexistent Space’, where users can overcome the
physical boundaries of time and space to communicate in real time. In the Coexistent Space, multiple users from remote locations will
be able to communicate information, 4D+ sensations, emotions and intentions etc in real time. They will be able to mutually interact and
collaborate to feel each others’ presence. When the Coexistent Space is created, virtual reality, remote reality, and reality itself will
converge to form a revolutionary change in our lives.

The Center of Human-centered Interaction for Coexistence is being promoted as a global frontier Program by the Ministry of Science, ICT
& Future Planning. Our goal is to merge reality and virtual reality to create a more convenient world for people. We have the utmost
enthusiasmfor the development of revolutionary ideas that overcome physical boundaries, basic technology, and proprietary technology .

Center of Human-centerd Interaction for Coexistence
Dr. Bum-Jae, You